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Do you have a piano you need moved to or from Louisiana? If so USA Piano Movers is capable of moving your piano and or other items all over the state of Louisiana. We can now offer our services to many cities within the state such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and more.

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Choosing the Right Louisiana Piano Movers

Remember, USA Piano Movers is a one-stop shop moving company. Not only do we focus on the moving and transportation of pianos, antiques, organs, pool tables, and other difficult to move objects, but we can also move your entire household of items as well.

Because we are a specialty moving company that means we have specialty equipment to move your piano. All the way from Washington to Louisiana your piano will be safe and sound in our long haul, air-lift suspension trucks and protective covers. We also use customized dollies to get your piano from inside your home and onto our trucks.

A large part of our Washington-based services is offering secure, climate controlled storage facilities for any of your storage needs (should you be moving to this part of the nation). If you're staying in Louisiana, we can connect you with another local storage company suitable to store you piano. Just ask! Because we have been in business for so long our connections within the moving, storage, and piano business throughout the United States may include Louisiana, allowing us to provide our customers with great contacts who know the state better than we do. No matter what, we hope to take care of you, our valued customer.

USA Piano Movers now offers great discounts on Long Distance Moving, such as $100 off a nationwide move.

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