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Here’s What USA Piano Movers Will Do for You
  • We will treat you right
  • We will protect your Piano
  • We will give you peace of mind
  • We will save you time
  • We will save you money

    We Will Treat You Right

    Here at USA Piano Movers we fully understand the stress and anxiety that comes with moving, especially when you have an item as valuable as a piano. Providing our customers with outstanding customer service is among our top priorities. We promise to do everything in our power to make sure you feel comfortable on moving day.

    We Will Protect Your Piano

    When you hire our company you get the benefit of all our equipment as well. Our company has some of the best piano moving equipment, such as:

    Customized dollies, protective pads for the inside and outside of your piano, and air-lift suspension trucks. We guarantee your piano will be in the same condition it was in before we moved it, and that goes the same for any item you may hire our company to move.

    We Will Give You Peace of Mind About Your Piano Move

    We will do everything in our power to make sure you feel comfortable with the situation on moving day. Our professional movers will be able to explain the steps taken to protect your piano. Any questions you may have about the piano moving equipment and specialized transportation being used for your piano will be answered. Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we are fully insured to ensure your peace of mind.

    We Will Save You Time on Piano Moving

    Consider USA Piano Movers your one stop shop for all your moving and piano needs. We offer a wide variety of moving and storage services for your convenience.


    Not only can we move your piano or organ…

    Not only can we move your hot tub or pool table…

    But we can also move your entire household of items.

    Despite our name, USA Piano Movers does not just move pianos. Instead of hiring a piano moving service to safely move your piano and a separate moving company for the rest of your things... Let us take care of everything!


    You can store small, large and/or many items in our conveniently located storage facilities (if moving to or from Washington). Know your Steinway Piano or family air looms are safe and sound in our secure climate controlled warehouse.

    We Will Save You Money on Piano Moving

    USA Piano Movers has great discounts and coupons on local or long-distance moves and short or long-term storage. But before you think about that, think about the price you would have to pay if something were to go wrong in an attempt to move your piano on your own.

    Here is the scenario: You are moving your family to the other side of town. In an effort to save money you decide to rent a moving van and move all your things on your own. Forget about the hospital bills if you hurt yourself attempting to lift your upright piano into the moving van. Think about the hundreds to thousands of dollars it may cost to repair your damaged piano when it slips from your grasp and slams to the ground.

    Now your biggest fear about moving your piano has come true and you have no one to blame but yourself. Even worse, you have no one to flip the bill for repairs but yourself. Although you may consider this an unlikely situation, it is still a very possible situation. Is it really worth the risk?

    By hiring our company you can feel assured that the only amount of money you are going to have to dish out is around the amount quoted from your free online estimate. In the rare event something goes wrong with us, USA Piano Movers is fully insured and guarantees to cover all costs.

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